Acquire new customers, monitor ROI and automatically capture all important data - all with TrackAd at a glance.

All your marketing and ad data in one place.

With TrackAd, you are able to monitor your online marketing campaigns across platforms and make profitable investments.
TrackAd helps companies optimize their customer acquisition efforts. This ranges from automating data collection and reporting to recruiting new customers and monitoring ROI of digital marketing campaigns.
You can determine the ROI of each traffic source and find out the actual cost of each contact point for each order. Thus, you have access to all relevant data to make profitable marketing investments.

The TrackAd suite consists of four products:

  • TrackAd 360: Multi-channel attribution and cost-centric analysis
  • TrackAd Lead: ROI analysis of lead generation
  • TrackAd Collector: Automated tracking of advertising investments
  • TrackAd Affiliate: anti-fraud and CPA publisher management
TrackAd Collector

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