The Money Mansion Framework

Do you know the intrinsic motivations of your customers and do you manage to accompany your customers on this journey in the long run?

Vision Roof

With the Vision Roof, you put a resistant roof on your Money Mansion and protect it from unfavorable environmental influences in the long term. The critical success factor here is the harmonization of corporate and customer goals. Do you know your customers' mission - the real reason why they bought the product from you?

Retention Floor

Short flirtation or long-term relationship?

If a visitor has decided to buy on your website, you have received a great gift: Trust.

The retention floor bundles all touch points that have the goal of strengthening the relationship with your customers. The possibilities for maintaining contact are almost inexhaustible and should take place across all channels. An intelligent strategy that aligns your retention goals with the individual intentions of your customers is the key to a successful retention floor.

Where are you losing your customers?

The conversion floor focuses on the art of transforming as many of your visitors as possible into paying customers. The probability of a conversion here represents a complex psychological construct that can be optimized based on many experiments and scientific findings.

Conversion Floor
Acquisition Floor

Do you really know your customers?

As the 1st floor, customer acquisition forms the indispensable basis for successful conversions. Even a perfectly optimized website will achieve no or too low sales without sufficient visitor numbers. However, anyone who assumes a direct correlation between traffic and sales will be disappointed. In addition to the quantitative optimization of visitor numbers, the optimization of traffic quality plays an outstanding role.

Data Ground

The foundation of any conversion optimization is iterative experimentation and learning. Experimentation involves translating assumptions or suspected relationships into concrete hypotheses that can be confirmed or falsified through data-driven experiments. Both of these results represent an important insight that will take you one step further on your journey to a better conversion rate.