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We offer professional consulting, project and implementation support, technical support and reliable implementations, in the form of packages or individual solutions for your needs!

Introducing – our AUDITS

With our AUDITS, you not only get a quick and comprehensive analysis of your current state, but also learn how your company compares digitally with the rest of the industry. You will experience quick wins and learn how to maximize your performance in the shortest possible time!

  • Status quo of your company in the selected AUDIT area
  • Optimization potential: quick wins and medium- to long-term approaches
  • Technology recommendations: How can the potential of the existing technology stack be fully exploited? Which technologies are you missing for maximum growth?

Our experienced consulting team takes a close look at the different areas of your customer journey and provides you with suitable recommendations.

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More about our AUDITS

Using our Money Mansion Framework, we have conceptualized the appropriate audit packages for each stage of your client lifecycle. This allows you to find the right solution for every challenge at a glance. Each of the packages includes analyses, workshops, recommendations for action, training and individual concepts for your company.

04 Icons CM Website Stack Audits


What does the ideal tool stack look like for you? Where do you currently stand with your stack?

We provide an overview of your stack, analyze which potentials you are already using and can still use. In addition, we make recommendations on how you can complement your existing technologies and which tools overlap or offer savings potential. True to our motto ``Technology meets People``, we increase the potential of your teams through the right technologies for you, enabling them to work even more efficiently!

05 Icons CM Website Analytical Audits


Numbers, data, facts! The perfect all-around overview of your customers' behavior!

In an Analytics Deep Dive, we determine all important key performance indicators along your entire customer journey. By bundling these KPIs, you get an overview of how you compare to the rest of the industry and what action needs to be taken at which points in the customer journey. This allows you to focus on the measures with the greatest possible impact.

06 Icons CM Website Acquisition Audits


Even with the best CRO measures, you won't be able to convert the wrong target group!

Our Acquisition AUDIT provides you with an overview of the efficiency of your marketing actions, helps you select and optimize the channels that are right for you, and thus ensures conversion-friendly traffic on your digital offers. In this way, you not only increase the efficiency but also the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and obtain new budgets with increased conversion!

07 Icons CM Website Conversion Audits


98 % of your visitors do not convert?

We help you specifically to increase the conversion rate of your offers with the appropriate technologies from the field of marketing automation, A/B testing and personalization. The audit helps you gain an overview of your status quo, create an optimization roadmap and work specifically on increasing conversion.

08 Icons CM Website Retention Audits


Get the most potential out of your website!

By far the greatest growth potential of a company usually lies in the expansion of existing customer marketing. Together with you, we analyze the life cycle of your customers and identify the right contact points and occasions. This includes, among other things, the development of cross-channel contact chains and the calculation and realistic setting of targets in terms of customer lifetime value.

Contact us for more information about our tools.

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Always the right tool

The universe of digital tools has been our home for 15 years. Our broad technology portfolio offers optimal solutions for your needs!


Technology Consulting

Personal contact and direct help instead of standardized customer support. We want you to use the full potential of our tools and support you in the best possible way.

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Full Service Optimization

We would be happy to develop an individual optimization concept together with you. We will support you with our know-how

The advantages we offer

Years of experience from thousands of growth marketing projects and A/B test

Deep industry knowledge from working with over 200 companies across a wide range of sectors and sizes

Technical team with cross-tool expertise and international experience

Expert team trained in sales psychology


For even more success with your website