Your AI-based software to easily create and optimize marketing copy.

Multiple marketing texts with one click

With the AI-based software you can create creative, sophisticated and unique product descriptions and marketing texts in an impressively short time. For this, the tool uses the basis of a language model trained from over a million texts. By evaluating the entire text, it also recognizes how high the uplift potential is for an existing product. In this way, you can effectively increase your conversion rate with the help of the software.

The result is automatically generated text suggestions that appeal not only to your readers, but also search engines like Google.*

*AI generated text

  • Optimize conversion rate
  • Save up to 90 % time on copywriting
  • Improve SEO visibility Textgenerierung

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“ has revolutionized the generation and automated optimization of marketing texts. Thanks to trained and self-learning Artificial Intelligence, it’s never been easier to generate performing product descriptions and texts that excite your target audience… and in no time!”

Yvonne Teufel, Chief Marketing Officer

Yvonne Teufel Conversion Maker

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