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Our 20-person CRO team manages over 10 different technologies for your business success. We look back on experience from thousands of conversion optimization projects. Using our insights from sales psychology combined with the most advanced technologies on the market will make you the absolute out-performer in your industry.

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Fast conversions through excellent search function and higher shopping carts thanks to relevant product suggestions. With Attraqt, artificial intelligence helps you find out what your customer is really looking for or needs and thus offers optimal product suggestions.
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Data is only as valuable as its interpretation. With Contentsquare, you have a powerful tool that shows you how your customers interact with your website. This allows you to recognize the really important elements and focus on the relevant optimizations!
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Conversion Maker AI was developed to give the sale of products and services even more of a boost. The intelligent text generator tool combines the advantages of an AI with expert know-how. The browser-based software generates creative and unique marketing texts for online stores, emails and social media.*
*Text generated by AI
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Structured experimentation is at the heart of every optimization project. With Kameleoon, you can initiate and statistically evaluate exciting experiments even without great IT know-how. Personalization ensures that every visitor gets to see exactly the content that - proven by your previous experiments - works best on them!
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The relationship with your customers is not just limited to your website! Mixpanel offers the possibility to integrate all touch points to your customers. This way, you have your complete customer journey in view and identify the greatest potentials with detailed evaluations.
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OneSignal is the market-leading customer messaging and customer engagement solution, offering push notifications for mobile devices and the web, in-app messaging, SMS and email. The powerful multi-channel platform enables one million businesses to send over eight billion messages daily. Create meaningful and long-lasting customer relationships with the open API, and intelligent personalization and analytics tools.
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Let your customers promote you. Increase your online reputation through positive customer reviews with Retamo. Monitor and generate reviews with the powerful online review management software to create an excellent customer experience and thus expand the steady growth of your sales.
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You don’t even realize how well you could already know your customers today. With Tealium, you can keep track of all your customer data. Here, your customer data can be continuously aggregated and segmented so that you can launch communication measures tailored to individual areas. That's personalized content!
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Improve the performance of your digital advertising campaigns with TrackAd. Attract new customers, monitor your ROI, and automatically capture all important data to make fast, fact-based decisions. More than 150 customers already rely on TrackAd.
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Shop-Überblick Conversionmaker AI

An optimized product description is an important component for search engine optimization (SEO). The perfect wording, for an optimal selection of keywords for keyword research, is unfortunately often very time-consuming. With the AI-based software Conversion Maker AI, conversion-optimized marketing texts can be generated with just a few keywords. This way, you can convince not only your customers, but also search engines like Google.

*AI generated text

Monitor your online marketing campaigns across platforms using TrackAd to make profitable investments. Optimize your customer acquisition by automating data collection and reporting.

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How well do you know your customers? Keep track of all touch points to your customers with Mixpanel and learn what is important to them and how they interact with your product – or not. Identify the biggest potentials in your product with detailed evaluations.

Strengthen your company’s online reputation through review management. Monitor all customer reviews of your company and you competitors on over 40 review portals on the Internet.

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Fast conversions through excellent search function and higher shopping carts thanks to relevant product suggestions. With Attraqt, artificial intelligence helps you find out what your customer is really looking for and needs, and thus offers optimal product suggestions.

Get inspired by your data. Find out how your customers interact with your website with Contentsquare. This will help you identify the most important elements so you can focus on optimization.

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How does your content work best? Find out which design your visitors like best through exciting A/B test without much IT know-how. Increase your user experience and conversion rate with the AI-driven personalization and A/B testing platform.

Meaningful and long-lasting customer relationships are the key to success. Send push notifications for mobile devices, in-app messaging, SMS, and email with the open API and smart personalization and analytics tools.

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Dashboard Tealium

What makes your customers tick? Keep track of all you customers’ data in one collected place with Tealium. Aggregate and segment your customer data continuously, so you can always offer your customers personalized content.