Excellent search results and relevant product suggestions.
This is how you recognize the wishes of your customers with AI and reflect the right content!

Shopping in perfection

Are you aware that the conversion rate in an offline store is 20-30 %, whereas in online stores it stops at 2-3 % on average?
One reason for this is that salespeople are extremely good at recommending the right products to their costumers. Would you like to be one of these out-performers with your online store in the future?

With the AI-supported search and recommendation platform Attraqt, you can better recognize what customers want or expect with every step they take. This allows you to anticipate and respond to needs, building valuable customer relationships – from discovery and inspiration to purchase and beyond.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Personalized product suggestions
  • Intelligent search function
  • User-centric rankings and sorting
  • After-buy marketing

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“With Attraqt, order rates and average shopping cart values can be increased significantly!
With an excellent search function and relevant product suggestions, you get closer to real customer advice and show your customer what he really wants.”

Sebastian Brenner, VP Sales – Conversion Maker

Sebastian Brenner_Conversion Maker

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